Behind The Scenes With The Style Factory – Pencil Skirt

No women’s wardrobe is complete without the pencil skirt staple. Accentuating her favourite curves, it’s hard to go wrong when wearing a pencil skirt… Especially when it has the Cheap-Hotsale touch. This past week, Slice TV’s Style Factory took a behind the scenes look at one of our most coveted pieces. From creation to production, get the insider scoop on how we designed the Chevron pencil skirt.


 Collaborating with designer Franciska Veress, making high fashion pieces that were also wearable, wasn’t a hard task. Made to fit every body type, it was Cheap-Hotsale’s goal to create a piece for the everyday woman. Designing it in a funky zig-zag print and stretchy knit blend; you’ll feel confident and sexy this Fall without a doubt. Perfect for anyone, anytime and any season, watch the full episode online at Slice TV; You won’t want to miss the 70,000 square foot facility tour, insider stylist tips and inspiration behind one of our best-selling pieces…

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